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Three Common Problems Stress Can Cause for Your Oral Health

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While most people know that high levels of stress can cause problems for their overall health, most notably the cardiovascular system, they may not consider the negative impact stress has on one’s oral health. And, according to the American Psychological Association (APA), the majority of Americans experience high levels of stress that are beyond what is considered healthy. These high levels of stress can cause problems in the mouth, teeth, or gums. In this post, we will look at three common oral health problems that can arise from high levels of stress.

1. Oral sores

A direct correlation between canker sores and high levels of stress has been discovered, despite the exact cause of canker sores being definitively determined. Canker sores can be extremely painful and bothersome. Canker sores will also commonly create an immune response in the effected person’s body which can result in severely swollen neck glands which can cause pain in the neck, jaw, and teeth.

2. Grinding / clenching teeth

Those who are under stress mat clench or grind their teeth, asleep or awake, with out realizing they’re doing it or how often it’s happening. Because it happens while sleeping more often that not, it can be even more difficult to recognize. A mouthguard may be necessary in order to protect your teeth and jaw as you sleep.

3. Poor hygiene / eating habits

Many people use food in order to feel better when they’re stressed. The foods craved aren’t usually healthy and are packed with fat or sugar. High amounts of sugar can cause tooth decay and also laziness or lethargy. Stress can also take over thoughts and may result in less time being taken to care for the teeth and mouth.

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