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How to Prevent the Most Common Dental Problems

Kalamazoo Dentist

Taking care of your oral health, particularly teeth and gums, is more important to oral health than many people may realize. Health problems and issues of the mouth can and often will cause or lead to problems elsewhere in the body. In fact, research has shown a very strong correlation between gum disease and heart disease. In this post, we will look at a couple common oral health problems and what you can do to prevent them and protect your overall health.

Gum disease, gingivitis, & periodontitis

Gingivitis, or as it’s often called, gum disease is periodontal disease that is caused by the buildup of plaque with attacks and erodes gums. There are varying stages of gum disease from the more mild gingivitis, to the most severe periodontitis. There are many people in the early stages of gingivitis who do not even realize it. Some people will notice bleeding while brushing or inflamed and red gums. As gum disease gets worse, gums actually move away from teeth and create pockets. While gum disease is largely reversible, it can cause irreversible bone loss.

The good news is that regular visits to your Kalamazoo dentist as recommended and proper brushing and flossing techniques will help prevent and reverse gum disease.

Tooth decay & cavities

Again, plaque is the culprit here. Cavities occur when there is plaque on the surface of teeth that eats through enamel and causes your teeth to decay. Plaque thrives on sugar and produces acid that tears through the enamel on your teeth and causes cavities. When you have a cavity, you should have it filled by your dentist as soon as possible to prevent further decay. You can prevent cavities and decay the same way you prevent tooth decay, by seeing your Kalamazoo dentist, brushing, and flossing regularly. 

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