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Alternatives to Flossing: A Guide from Your Portage Dentist

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As every dentist (and patient) probably knows, most people do not floss often enough. The American Dental Association (ADA) strongly recommends flossing at least once a day. This is incredibly important, as brushing does not remove all plaque from your teeth. Not to mention, food and other debris lodge themselves in between your teeth and in your gums which causes plaque. Flossing is a tried and true way to help you prevent plaque from hardening into calculus or tarter which causes gum disease. Please keep in mind that prevention is always easier and less costly than treatment. While traditional flossing is recommended, in this post we will look at three alternatives that have gotten more popular over the years.

Air flossers

An air flosser is a device that uses compressed air to spray water or mouthwash between teeth to dislodge food or other particles and remove plaque. Studies have shown that air flossing is as effective as traditional flossing methods!

Flossers (floss sticks)

Flossers are usually disposable, y-shaped pieces of plastic that have floss tightly strung across them. They come in many different shapes and colors and can be purchased at pretty much every store that carries toothbrushes. They are definitely better than not flossing at all, but since there is no slack, they don’t wrap around your teeth or reach under gums like traditional floss and are therefore, less effective.

Water piks

Water piks are powered devices like air flossers, but instead of air, they use a stream of water or mouthwash. This method is called ‘water irrigation’, and it’s been shown to be very effective. They can be used by everyone, but are particularly effective for people with braces or teeth that are difficult or impossible to clean with floss.

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